iPhone Dummy Display Phone - Oddly awesome

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    Description:: Aside from not working, there is really no discernible way for the casual (and even not-so-casual) observer to spot the difference between the dummy and the real thing. It has the exact dimensions and weight as the genuine iPhone. I have no idea how, but it is actually made from the iPhone’s OEM parts (it would seem anything is possible in Asia). Every detail is there, from the working volume, hold, and home buttons (”working” in this case meaning you can press them) to the Apple logo on the back. It even has a serial number, for crying out loud!

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    This thing has one purpose. To scam people on eBay.

    There is no way people are going to be able to get proof that they're getting a working iPhone with this thing out there now.
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    Mar 2, 2008
    Hey I wonder if you can use the crome and the back for your real phone, because it is way cheaper than buying them from www.cnn.cn
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    That's not the ONLY purpose, though it's a likely one. Yet you could scam people VERY easily without it anyway. Take a picture of some phone of the web, Photoshop it if needed, and save yourself the $39.

    Weird product anyway. I was kind of hoping the article referred to a place where you can get those MASSIVE fake iPhones (with working screens) from the Apple Store front windows. That would be too cool to have on my wall, sideways, as a movie/game screen :) Or to run the SDK's iPhone Simulator on, blown up huge via Universal Access.

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