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iPhone/iPod occasionally crashes audio system in Acura it on the iOS end?

Scott Baret

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Original poster
Mar 6, 2011
I recently bought an Acura ILX and absolutely love the car. I've put about 3000 miles on it and have had zero problems with the car itself, but there has been one little thing that has happened with the audio system, and it only seems to happen with iOS devices.

The first time it happened was with the iPod touch, where most of my music is stored. I had it connected with USB and while driving down a road, the audio system powered off completely and restarted, as though it had crashed and booted back up. That happened again a few minutes later, so I resigned myself to listening to the satellite radio in the car instead.

This was shortly after I got the car. I've had it for a few months now, and it happened again tonight under a somewhat different circumstance. This time it was the iPhone SE (original model). The battery was completely dead, so I plugged it into the USB cable on the ILX so I could charge it on the drive home. After about ten minutes on the road, the phone's display came on. Then, maybe 30 seconds later, the audio system crashed again (I had the satellite radio on). It didn't happen again the rest of the way home and the phone continued to charge from what I could tell.

It has never happened on any other occasion with the iPhone, and I do have it plugged in to keep it charged and occasionally use CarPlay.

I'm not sure if anyone else has had this happen on an Acura or Honda, but is this something I should talk to the dealer about or do you think it's something on the iPhone end? I'm still running iOS 12 on both the iPhone and the iPod (long story) so I'm wondering if that's part of the issue. I'd try it on my other car, but it's a nearly ten year old Honda Civic without a USB jack (that one has its own issue with the aux port). I'm definitely curious to see if anyone else has had this issue with Acura/Honda or really any other car, as I'm new to the CarPlay and USB connected car world (ah, the consequence of holding on to old cars as long as they still run).
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