Iphone Outlook contact listing vs phone contact listing, how to I keep them seperate

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    So I bought the Iphone yesterday, a data transfer was done and all the old phone numbers that I had in my Voyager phone transferred over to my Iphone. Then I went home and was syncing all my information from ITUNES and OUTLOOOK and then I selected SYNC CONTACTS with Outlook and it erased all my phone contacts from my Voyager.

    I still have both phones so I will redo the data transfer tomorrow but does anyone know how to keep my telephone contact listing seperate from my Microsoft Outlook email contact listing. For example: I have people's phone number for work but I don't have them in my personal contact listing because I would never email them or talk to them.

    get it?
    Please advise/help
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    After connecting iPhone to iTunes go to your second tab and change where your contacts sync...just make a choice that is not your normal and go ahead and sync. Now add your contacts from your old phone to Outlook and then go back to iTunes and change back to Sync contacts with outlook. This time select Merge, not replace.


    Good Luck

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