iPhone price slashed. 3G rumours ramp

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by sweetice2007, Apr 4, 2008.

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    Speculation over the 3G iPhone just kicked into overdrive, since as well as running low on iPhones in the US, Apple’s handset just had its price slashed in Germany.

    T-Mobile, the phone’s exclusive carrier in Deutschland, has dropped the price of Apple’s 8GB mobile down to €99 between 7 April and 30 June when customers sign up to its Complete XL package at €89 per month.

    Since we’ve heard that the 3G version of the iPhone will be available in June, is that a coincidence?

    Surely not. It sounds to us like T-Mobile’s offloading its current iPhone stock, before Apple wheels out the next version.

    As usual, there’s no official word from Apple yet, but as soon as we get the nod on the 3G iPhone you’ll be the first to know.

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    ooo i see it has sorry my bad it came up as todays news on email

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