iphone saves a life.

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    bird shot is a deterrent at some distances but lethal at really close range.
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    The article doesn’t state how far away he was shot at, but I am willing to bet there was a bit of distance. Also should be pointed out that he still was hurt - article said he was seriously wounded in the abdomen. Looks like the phone took a good chunk of the potential damage he could have gotten, but it still hurt him bad.

    Also should be pointed out that this is bird shot - only lethal at real short distances but one of the more survivable projectiles. Now if this had been buckshot, the phone probably wouldn’t have helped at all and he moat likely to be much worse wounded. He was lucky to be sure but its probably more due to the type of projectile, distance and where he was shot than his iPhone did. It contributed all right though.
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    Looks like pretty close range to me. Look at the spread pattern/grouping, my guess would be under two meters

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