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Jul 3, 2013
Hey !

I bought a white 64GB SE2 a few weeks ago and immediately noticed, that the white balance was severely off.
The lower 1/5 of the display is noticeably more yellow compared to the rest of the display. Thats really annoying when scrolling through websites with white /bright backgrounds and or in Apps like Notes ect. The content seems to change from yellow to blue / normal the further it moves to the middle of the display.

I've gotten an exchange from Apple via AppleCare - and it's even worse. I've never noticed that on any other unit before, but those were in shops and from friends - and all of them were black / red.

Does your SE2 have the same problem?


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Nov 8, 2020
I noticed the same problem, similar to you, first I got a black one, it has the yellow tint on the bottom, and I exchanged it for a new one, same problem. Then I return it and got a white one, same. I checked with my friends' SEs, all have the same problem, especially when the true tone and night mode is on. It seems to be common when the screen supplier is JDI, not necessarily to be an iPhone. I do like the dimensions of SE, but the yellow tint is really annoying, guess I'll get an iphone 11.


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Mar 29, 2021
I am returning my second IphoneSE2 right now. Hopefully I can get one with a decent screen. My 2015 6s screen looks better side by side
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