iPhone showing different iCloud Photo Library totals than other devices

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    My iPhone shows a completely different photo count than my other devices, all of which are using iCloud Photo Library.

    Today I switched over to using iCloud Photo Library. Prior to the switch I downloaded all of my 2014 photos into iPhoto, and deleted them from my iPhone, leaving only 2015 photos. I did the same on my iPad. I then turned iCloud Photo Library on on each device one at a time, and let them sync. The iPad sync went fine, and the number of photos on the iPad and iCloud.com Photos webapp showed the same number.

    When I enabled iCloud Photo Library on my iPhone, however, it now shows a different number than the other two devices - the iPad shows "41 Photos, 20 videos" and iCloud.com shows "62 Photos & Videos", which are equivilent, but my iPhone shows "163 Photos, 21 Videos". In all cases I am looking at the Photos tab.

    All of my settings are the same across the two iDevices. I restarted my iPhone. I even turned off the iCloud PL sync and manually deleted all photos off of my iPhone, and purged them from the "recently deleted" so that every tab on my iPhone showed "No Photos" (except for the sharing tab). I then re-enabled iCloud PL and allowed the synced photos to download again to my iPhone, and it again shows the same inflated number.

    If I go to the "Albums" tab, adding up the individual photo counts for "All Photos" and "Videos" point to the actual count - the count shown on the iPad and iCloud. So for some reason, the iPhone is just showing an inflated number on that one device.

    Has anyone experienced this, or have a solution?
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    I have the same problem with my contacts. Different number on my Iphone 6 Plus and my Ipad Air 2.Would like to hear from someone who has an answer.

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