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Discussion in 'iPhone Tips, Help and Troubleshooting' started by grimwwr, May 21, 2010.

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    Well I've encountered a problem that I feel that I know the answer to, however, I'm hoping that I am wrong. I have been keeping special text messages for a matter of months now. I always meant to back them up but never got around to it. (One of those things that you say "I'll do that tonight" but never end up doing it.) Anyways, my iPhone 3GS was acting a bit slow the other day, so I restarted it. When the phone came back on, all my texts were gone.

    I have not backed up my phone in quite a while due to my computer crashing. I was curious if there was any way to get these texts back? Yes I know generally if you do not back up the phone, and delete your texts manually, then they are gone forever. However, since this is a different situation where the phone removes them on there own, I was curious if there was any way to make them reappear or extract them from a file on the phone. I cannot find any where involving this same situation so I am not sure whether the texts might reappear through some sort of problem-solving on the phone. Any input would be great. I fear the worst, that they are gone, but at least have some hope that there may be a way to get them back.
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    Unfortunately this is correct. If there is no backup of your iPhone's information then they are gone.

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