iphone song fading?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by salacious, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. salacious macrumors 6502a

    May 15, 2011
    Is it possible to get songs to fade into each other i would just prefer a continuos flow of music, i dont really want to have to make a mix but it seems the only option for now? any ideas if its possible?
  2. sweetbrat macrumors 65816


    Jun 17, 2009
    Redford, MI
    In iTunes > Preferences > Playback you can check the box to Crossfade songs. Not sure if it transfers that setting to the iPhone or not, though. I don't personally like the fading so I've never tried.
  3. saving107 macrumors 603


    Oct 14, 2007
    San Jose, Ca
    It does not transfer over to the iPhone and "Crossfade" is not possible on the iPhone.
  4. CoolBradG macrumors regular

    Aug 7, 2010
    Apple has only made the cross-fading feature available on it's iPod Nano line. Why? I have no idea. :confused:

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