iPhone stolen in Houston Airport, thief added me on facebook. WTF?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by chanjobe1@gmail, Jul 26, 2010.

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    Long story short, someone took my phone at IAH. I called AT&T and reported it stolen, and I filed a police report with Houston police. A couple days ago, the girl who took it added me on facebook. I now have pictures of her talking about the iPhone she "found" in the airport and how she was going to take out the SIM so she couldn't be tracked. Well, the bimbo had her phone number listed on facebook too, so I now have a good amount of info on her. Is there anything I can do with this info? If I forward it to police, do you think they'll be able to get my phone back?

    I'm ready to scream ):<
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    If it was STOLEN and not lost, report the thief. The police should and better make the effort to arrest her. Considering the phone is $599/$699 without a contract, it's considered Grand Theft. No longer Petty theft, which is good for you. Make sure you have the proof of purchase and inform the local PD.
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    the muppet certainly seems to have given you enough info to tell the police. I hope you have the phone's imei as well, then it will be a slam dunk. Keep us informed.
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    Its sad that you had your phone robbed, But kinda funny that she added you on facebook.

    Im sure if she is local you can track her down by her facebook stream as people dumb enough to add the person she stole from is dumb enough to put more than enough detail to track her down.

    Is she hot is the number 1 question

    Pics or it didnt happen.
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    It could also mean that she found the phone, initially decided to keep it, but then decided it would be better to return the phone to you and thus added you on Facebook to contact you.
  6. chanjobe1@gmail thread starter Guest

    Jan 15, 2007
    She made it quite clear that she intended on keeping it.

    As for looks... she looks like Amy Winehouse. Only trashier.
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    Report all the info of the stupid bitch to the police and make sure to have your IMEI number so that the cops have no doubt it's your phone
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    Eithe way the iPhone is stolen. Most states actually require some one to try to return the phone and require them to do stuff like report the find to the police and if it isn't claimed in a certain amount of time then they can legally keep it. So even by law he can consider it stolen when she has shown that she does not intend to return it or even try.

    Ethically, she stole it, legal or not.
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    Jul 14, 2010
    Post the fb link or people will think you're lying. Story does sound a bit odd but I've been all around the world and seen a LOT of odd things.
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    Oh noes! The internetz might not believe him! Maybe OP is a little less insecure, and / or is not stupid.

    He posts facebook link, somebody adds her, ends up commenting on her page, she realises OP is on to her, removes evidence. OP screwed.
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    It seems like you have enough evidence to report her - and she is committing a crime so I suggest you go to the Police with all this evidence and kick up a fuss if they don't want to help you, but hopefully they will.

    The important thing is you have all this evidence. I suggest you don't waste anytime and start taking lots of screenshots of her FB account - her wall, the convos shes is having. Go into her albums and take enough pics that clearly show who she is, especially if she has any with her holding the phone. You said she's talking about the phone she found - we'll screenshot that gem.

    If she deletes any wall postings or removes you from the account, it will be harder for you to prove anything. Don't waste time, document everything via screenshots and then go to the cops with it all.

    To me this sounds like one of those "Americas dumbest criminal" moments! Let us know what happens.
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    If this is true then it'll definitely end up on the news :D

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    Jul 18, 2010
    FAKE story, UNLESS you provide the link to the master lady thief's facebook account :mad:

    Moderator Note: I will close this thread in an hour if there is no substantial proof provided.
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    I believe the OP. Why would he make this up? You guys are cynical!
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    Because this is the internets and humans are humans and trolls are trolls?
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    SHe did not mean to add you, but whast she was doing was looking you up and hit the add friend button. This has happend to someone who works for me numerous times when he was looking at prespective new hires. Needless to say was not a smart move.
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    The proof of purchase will show $199/$299 (unless they bought at reduced or non-commitment price) so that's what will probably be considered.
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    I smell a lot of BS... and I'm pretty sure it's coming from the OP.
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    Something on her events/calendar on facebook that you will unlock iPhones
    for free...when she shows up with your phone....whamo...a Successful STING...and if she is hot...tie her up and interogate her...
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    OP is gone. This didn't happen. He will never post a link. He will blame it on " privacy concerns" or the police told him not to until investigation is over. Thread will be lost forever among the internetz. Thanks for wasting our time. Good day.
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    You guys are immature. Why would he waste his time making this up?
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    OK, screw putting her facebook account up, but at least post her profile pic.

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