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    Like the EETimes article says:

    Anup Murarka, director of technical marketing for Adobe, cited a study showing that 77 % of iPhone purchasers described themselves as "very satisfied" with their user experience.

    iPhone respondents credited their happy experience not to AT&T, but to Apple, the device maker.

    The panel, agreed that iPhone represents a model for mobile operators to follow, but they reached little agreement on how to follow.

    One direction, advocated manipulating users by identifying their "need states" — including such compulsions as "killing time," and "making the most of it" — and fulfilling them subliminally.

    Adobe's Murarka proposed a more technological approach to improving the user experience, satisfying the mobile phone subscriber through better interface design.

    The obvious answer that no one wants to articulate but statistically is being shoved in everyone's face is: customers want less carrier intervention, fewer "services" from carriers and easier access to Internet content.

    In fact, from a consumer standpoint, the carrier should be all but invisible.

    Carriers want to try and move up the value chain with additional service offerings. However, most of these offerings tend to infururiate the customers rather than create value. Think AOL.
    Another problem is cost plans that people can't understand, veruss a simple plan, bill and no hidedn charges.

    Somehow, Apple convinced its telecom partners to get out of the way. It took over the experience and simplified it down to the basics. By removing the telecom from the equation, Apple increased the level of its customer satifaction.

    "The message that the telecommunications companies must take away from the success of the iPhone is that they should stay out of the user experience as much as possible. At the end of the day, the core competency of the wireless carriers is to deliver data (and voice) communications, efficiently, reliably and hopefully simply. Everything else is just interference. "

    One last thing? What's the error on the page 2 %ages? a 3 percent drop might not be too bad, especially if you haven't compared year on year, or thought about consumers cutting spending the month after Chrsitmas.
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    I'm on the list. High satisfaction here.

    And I now have a reason to keep my address book and ical up to date. :)

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