Iphone unlocked, but I'm in Europe without original SIM card

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  1. TarHeelBlue macrumors member

    Nov 4, 2012
    I upgraded to an iPhone 5s and I love it to death, but it sucks because the company I have here doesn't support the 7th band! So no LTE for me :-(. I even bought the accidental protection insurance.

    Here is my question, I live in spain and I'm not going back to the states. The iphone 4 is officially unlocked ,but I don't have an AT&T SIM card (at least that fits it) and didn't know if there was any other way I could officially unlock it without a sim, or should I just send it back to family and let them go to att?

    I want to sell it. I europe I would get a lot more money, so if you have any ideas, please lemme know. I have the original unopened headphones, packaging, everything. So I know it would sell well here.i just got to officially get it online or on itunes and unlock it. Att already confirmed it's unlocked via email.

    Also, do you think apple would let me replace my iphone since I live in spain if I ever had an accident? (I'm American), I just live here.

    Thanks for all the help.
  2. T5BRICK macrumors G3


    Aug 3, 2006
    If the phone is unlocked, you should be able to pop a different sim card in and it'll connect. I don't believe you need the original AT&T sim to unlock it.
  3. TarHeelBlue thread starter macrumors member

    Nov 4, 2012
    My fiancé is spanish and has the exact sim, just European carrier, and it doesn't work.


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