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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by hockeyhammer, Jul 18, 2012.

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    Here's some background info: I'm looking into buying an iPhone but the cost of an unlocked iPhone is too much for me (with a cheap plan) or pay a minimum of $50 per month and get a phone for about $200. I live in Canada (Southern Ontario). My dad currently has an iPhone 3GS on Virgin Mobile, he is 2 years into his plan and eligible for an upgrade. Here's my question: he offered that I could pay him $160 (cost of the upgrade) to upgrade to the 4S, he would keep the 3GS, change the sim card back to the 3GS, finish out the plan on the 3GS and let me get a sim from Virgin with a cheap plan for the 4S. Is this possible? And would he have to start a new plan or could he finish the year left on his contract then start a new one with a new phone? Are there any other cheap options to get an iPhone + plan? Thanks for the help.
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    You could use his upgrade but it would rest his contract for however long he signed for.

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