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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by copydeskcat, Jul 31, 2019.

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    Hi guys,

    I’m a long time iPhone owner (since 3G) and tend to upgrade annually or biannually. I currently have an XS, which was purchased in September 2018.

    Recently, I’ve noticed a large smudge on the phone screen which takes up about half of the lower part of the screen. The only way I can describe it, is that it looks like a sweat mark, but it doesn’t go away or react when I swipe a finger across it.

    It’s not like an ordinary finger smudge, it almost seems as though it’s embedded in the glass. It can be wiped off, but as soon as I put the phone back in my pocket, it slowly appears again. I’ve had this happen before with my 4 and my 6, but not the 5 or the 7.

    I can try and take a photo of it, but I’m curious if anyone else experienced this with their phone?


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    Sounds like a defect in the coating. Anyway you could get a picture of it?

    It is under warranty so Apple should take care of it.
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    This is the mark here. So, I wiped it with the cloth I would use for cleaning my spectacles. I don’t use anything else to clean it. I cleaned it, put it in my pocket for 60 seconds, and the stain reappears.

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    That’s not a stain. The Oleophobic coating is tarnished/disfigured on the display. Contact Apple and see why your options are. Do not use any cleaners to try fix the issue.
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    ....that looks identical to the 'smudge' I get on my iPhone XS tempered glass screen shield when my phone has been in my pocket on a hot day!

    After a while, it just disappears though....
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    Update: I took it in to the Apple store on Chestnut Street in San Fransisco (I’m on holiday from the UK touring California).

    They went through a few steps to update (and then wipe/restore) - which resolved a few unrelated issues (probably due to a corrupted backup), and then replaced the screen. No quibbling at all. The technician I got was very understanding - he said sometimes the heat, sweat, sunscreen, fabric softener on clothing and various other things - can cause the coating to come off. Because my phone was under warranty, there was no charge - and my phone was back up and running in 60mins.

    I bought a Belkin Invisisheild and they installed it in the store with the gizmo.

    So, all good. Five stars to Apple.
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