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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by warrensomebody, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. warrensomebody macrumors newbie

    Oct 3, 2012
    I currently have an ATT Family Plan with several phones. I originally had 2 iPhone 1s (yes, the original model) with unlimited data. My work gave me a free Galaxy Nexus and I plugged one of the iPhone 1 SIM cards in it and it worked no problem -- no contract change with ATT, and still unlimited data. Now I would like to upgrade the second phone to an iPhone 5, but I have several questions:

    1. When switching to the Galaxy Nexus without a contract change, did I actually get 4G LTE, or did this stay on the GSM network? How can I tell?

    2. ATT wants $30/month for unlimited data on the iPhone 5. Since I already have unlimited data, I spoke to them, and they claim this actually enables 4G LTE. Will making this change affect my Galaxy Nexus? (As far as ATT is concerned, I still have 2 iPhones.)

    3. Can I purchase an unlocked iPhone 5 and simply plug in the iPhone 1's SIM card like I did with the Nexus? I've heard that you can purchase unlocked iPhones from Verizon that work on the ATT network. (I'm in the USA.)

  2. Kaze105 macrumors member

    Sep 27, 2012
    1. Depends on the Galaxy Nexus version you are getting. If its the unlocked GSM galaxy nexus, it only has HSPA+, so you get non LTE 4G. Sprint and Verizon version of Galaxy nexus does not work for AT&T.

    2. AT&T doesnt offer unlimited data for smartphones any longer. They do provide unlimited data for dumbphone for 30 dollars a month. (or very old iphones) I have a Samsung galaxy nexus purchased from play store. It works just fine on AT&T dumbphone plan. I get around 6mbps download 1-2mpbs upload.

    3. Probably not. iphone imei are probably registered with at&t so once you connect the sim card, at&t should detect that its iphone. You will also have to cut the sim card as the size are different. It will work with at&t, but they will probably force you to get a data plan, some people have said they were able to keep it though.

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