iPhoneCTO’s Top 5 iPhone OS 3.0 Enterprise Features

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    Link: iPhoneCTO’s Top 5 iPhone OS 3.0 Enterprise Features
    Description:: While Apple may not have initially marketed to corporations or even cared much about enterprise adoption, iPhone 3.0 brings significant features that allow the enterprise to welcome it as a true corporate platform.

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    not quite sure what to make of this site yet - I posted one of their articles yesterday and there was a decent discussion about the topic, so we'll give it another whirl. I'm keeping my eye on the threads, though - curious if we've found another decent news opinion outlet to watch.
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    These features are nice but every enterprise level smartphone and PDA has them.

    The iPhone is a poor choice for an enterprise device for a number of reasons - iTunes dependency, battery life, poor keyboard for non-standard words and acronyms, etc.

    What I mean to say is that it'll do but there are far more compelling packages out there in terms of cost, versatility, usability and support at this moment in time.
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    And by other excellent measures, there no phones that come even CLOSE for versatility and usability. (And plenty of phones out there with worse battery life--especially if you use the Internet as extensively as the iPhone encourages. I think the main battery saving measure on some of those phones is to make the Internet a pain to use :eek: )

    As for the touch keyboard--it has certain disadvantages for some people (especially if they have ingrained habits), but it has very real, undeniable advantages too. (Tiny keys of any kind are always going to be a compromise compared to a desktop keyboard.)
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    iPhoneCTO’s Top 5 iPhone OS 3.0 Enterprise Features

    Thank you for sharing a couple of our stories. I would be happy to answer any questions you have about iPhoneCTO.

    We are exclusively focused on covering iPhone in the enterprise. As more users and companies deploy iPhones for business use (I speak to them frequently), there is a growing need for a resource dedicated to providing relevant iPhone business/enterprise news, business application reviews and best practices, white papers, how-to's on administering and deploying iPhones in corporate environments.

    Best Regards,
    Yves Neidlinger
    Founder, Editor-in-Chief
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    I understand what you're saying but corporate purchasing decisions are made on functionality versus cost decisions. A business phone doesn't need a great mp3 player or a top of the line browser or the other features the iPhone has, it needs to be relatively cheap, free from carrier lock in (for obvious commercial reasons), have recognised corporate support and have great core features - which are fundamentally e-mail and information receipt/transmission. The Blackberry (and even some WinMo devices) are currently the tools of choice in industry because they perform these core functions extremely well whilst offering benefits of cost, flexibility and support that, at present, the iPhone generally cannot match.

    As for the keyboard, the iPhone is great for a capacitive screen phone but shares the weaknesses capacitive screens have in terms of accuracy, particularly when the target area is small. Apple compensate magnificently for this with their predictive spell check but it's geared towards common language, not business terminology which is full of esoteric terms and acronyms. As such it - or any other cap screen phone of that form factor - isn't going to be as good to use as a keyboard or, dare I say it, a stylus and resistive screen.

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