iPhoto Help, Puhlease!


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Ok ok ok, I am a graphic artist among otherthings and use iPhoto to keep track of all my art work.
iPhoto is working out great for me, I used to use ACDSEE. Which was also great.

But here is my problem.
When I choose a art piece to view, the view of it is at a zoom ratio that isnt 100%
If a scanned piece of linework is scanned at 300 dpi and is viewed at other ratios that are not 100% the line work is

IN ACDSEE, i could choose the method of how the graphic is displayed. A fixed aspect of 100%

I havent been able to find this option in iPhoto and sadly doubt that it exist.
How could Apple overlook this?

Added> Also very weird, is the fact that when your viewing a graphic then click in the window, its pixelates less, whats up with that?
There really needs to be a number value on the zoom, like photoshop.
How hard can that be!


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Feb 12, 2002
Milwaukee, WI
I think it pixelates less because it is pixelated as a thumbnail, but when you click on it iphoto renders the thumbnail completly. I could be wrong, but that is what I think is happening.


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hey thanks for the reply!

Well, this is after I click on the thumnail and am in the view mode.
Also after the click that strangely set it to another mode of viewing that has less pixelation, its still not at the proper 100% of the graphic for proper viewing.

Like photoshop, when you view graphics at an odd number zoom, it is very staggered in pixels.

Added> and what is up with that Auto save?
If you make any changes to a file it automatically saves it!
That can be very irriating for final works that mistakenly have changes made to them!
Any ideas here??


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Apr 2, 2002
Hong Kong
iPhoto wasnt really meant totally for professionals, though it does implement many important features....

i think its kinda like an app in between consumer iMovie and the professional's Final Cut Pro...

if i were you id jus stick to acdsee... "if it aint broke, dont fix it"...


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well, i would rather use iPhoto, it has better organizing methods.
Besides, its just a simple thing to make a numerical option for size viewing!
Isnt it.

Also I dont think that ACDSEE HAS A OSX version. And I am all in X now~!

anyone have any other ideas? is there a way to submit to APPLE memos on the iAPPZ,, that sounded crazy even as I typed it.


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Feb 1, 2002

whenever you want to make any changes on a pic in iPhoto, make a copy of the original first and then work on that copy.

That leaves you the original intact.