iphoto photo duplication is a HD eater!? Help

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Grokgod, Jul 25, 2003.

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    ok, I like to use iPhoto for all my digital camera work and I am a graphic artist so I use it also for my graphic portfolio.

    While I have works in progress or when they are finished they often are in file sizes that range over 100 megs.

    No I usually sote these working or finished files in the appropiate folders which are not the unique filing method that iPhoto uses, that would be too irritating.

    So when I import my graphic work into iPhoto for general browsing and for clients to look at, I noticed that instead of merely pointing to that actual file as it does for Albums it actually duplicates the files. Now on a 40 PB HD that can add up very fast.

    My question is, is there a work around?
    Or do i just have to use another image browser?
    Is there a way to import without duplication?

    If I need to use a new Browser, any better ones than iPhoto out there.

    Thanks for all the help , any suggestions is appreciated!
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    Apr 3, 2003
    iPhoto stores the pictures in its album in a pretty complicated way. I had a nightmarish days fixing the album/film roll when my iPhoto data got corrupted. (I think.) I would imagine it's very difficult to make iPhoto work without letting it do it's thing. (i.e. make duplicates) I go through it's folders and I can make some sense of the organization but not all and there are some inconsistencies I'd like to fix, being a fairly picky person... But I gave up because I was fearful I'd corrupt the file structure again.

    One tedious solution is for you to duplicate your pictures in reduced resolution and import those...

    If having multiple iPhoto directory is important for organizational reasons (not to mention reduced iPhoto load time), I'd try iPhoto Library Manager. (Available at versiontracker.com, free) It will let you use more than one folder as "default" iPhoto folder and let's you switch between them. Then when you need the original, you can "export."

    Good luck... I only use iPhoto, so I don't know of any alternatives but I'm sure there are others. (May not be as good as iPhoto, though.)
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    I think it is a mistake to use iPhoto to show off your design work.

    iPhoto is a consumer tool, you are a professional. That's like using Word to design in. Design yourself an electronic protfolio in InDesign or Quark, make it a .pdf and show that to possible clients.

    Plus, with a .pdf electronic portfolio, you can burn it to a cd for others to see, or possibly even email it if you compress it enough.

    That would be my best work around, but then again, I still have no job, but I did get a BFA in May.

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