iPhoto's product manager jumps ship


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Aug 4, 2002
Madison, Wi
PreClick earlier this week announced that ex-Apple employee John Santoro, formerly iPhoto product manager, has joined the company: "I joined this team for two reasons: it built the fastest and easiest photo organizer [Windows only] and the most innovative business model. We generate new revenue for photo finishers, retailers and manufacturers;"


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May 7, 2001
Good for him. Once a product manager successfully launches his/her product, it makes perfect sense that (s)he would look for their next great opportunity in their career. If that opportunity is in the company, great, otherwise it may be time to move on with one's career.

Why would anyone wish him anything but well? I don't understand


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Feb 3, 2002
Originally posted by buffsldr
Why would anyone wish him anything but well? I don't understand
well, im sure he's going to rip off iphoto and
what about him taking the apple way of doing
things and applying them to the windows world?

i dont know. good for him but WHY windows
only? that part sucks.


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There is always the hope that Mr. Santoro, in bringing the "Apple way of doing things" to PreClick will also bring PreClick to Mac....

If they think their product is better than iPhoto, I hope they do. If the product is worse than iPhoto, it would benifit them not to waste the money....