ipod 3g 10 gig vs 1g 5 gig

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    Mar 20, 2003
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    I guess this is sort of a selling question, but it does concern which ipod I keep, so I hope it's in the right forum.

    I'm deciding between selling my 5 gig gen1 ipod or my 10 gig gen3 ipod that I got as part of the "buy a bundle" promotion.

    The 10 gig could sell for a lot more, but I'm wondering if it's worth it to keep it. How's the battery life on the new ones (my old one gets 11+ hours and I'd hate to lose that)? How are the touch sensitive buttons? I could open it and find out for myself, but I want to keep it sealed since it will sell for more that way if I do part with it.

    I only have about 3 gigs of music, but the extra space would be good for file storage. What do you all think of gen3 vs. gen1?
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    Feb 7, 2002
    i have both and i like the new ones much more. yes you will lose battery life. i use my ipod just enough to make it through the day and fully charge it for the next day. touch sensitve buttons work very nicely. mainly i like the new ones because they are skinnier and lighter, thats basically it.

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    Feb 13, 2002
    Re: ipod 3g 10 gig vs 1g 5 gig

    I have a 1g 5 gb ipod and a 3g 30 gb ipod. I like my 30gb one far better. The touchpad buttons and scrollwheel are far better than the 1g buttons. They are easy to use and while the layout is different it is still easy to control with one hand. My 3g has about the same battery life and seems quieter than my 1g. The 3g ipods are also thinner especially the 10gb one. My 30gb ipod is only a slight bit thinner than my 5bg ipod but doesn't seem nearly as large.

    Unless you need the money you should keep the 10gb ipod. I kept both just because i knew i couldn't get much for the 5gb ipod. The 3g are far nicer in my opinion, and if you use yours often you should keep the 10gb one. THe extra space will give you space for important files (i use my extra space for my portfolio and my working files so i can have them with me).

    The 3g ipods also have reddish orange backlighting which is really nice if it matches the backlighting on your car's controls like it does mine.

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