iPod a Tool for Software Thieves

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Jul 23, 2002
They're both critically acclaimed for ease-of-use and persistent efficiency. They both have dual-syllable corporate names. They've even shared the same narrator . . . why not integrate technologies?

What I'm talking about is a merge between (a future incarnation of) Honda's ASIMO project (http://www.riverdeep.net/current/2002/03/032502_robots.jhtml), and Apple's computing services. True, enough think-power to animate a full-sized, fully-mobile, sensory-input-equipped Robo Sapiens is a little out of reach. But not much. Hawking predicts computers with the same level of side-by-side computations as the average Joe before or during 2007. Another says self-aware computers (http://www.sssup.it/~giorgio/movies/ac-eng.html) should be expected by 2029.

Most of us will still be alive then, unless, of course, there are some of you visiting from a hospital gurney or Death Row.

I'd like opinions on this. Do you think Apple will release its OWN, better-constructed robot? An anthropomorphic configuration of old iMac shells with pink-neon eyes? Or should Honda and Apple take the ultimate risk . . . are they already . . . ? And by MWNY 2007, should we expect one of the hosts not to PRESENT a demonstration, but to BE one?



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May 7, 2001
Originally posted by Rower_CPU
Will a moderator please move this to the "Old news that no-one cares about anymore" forum?:rolleyes:

Your sig says it all.
Right on, Rower.

P.S. I also heard there is this P2P client called Carracho...


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May 28, 2001
And where do I start discussing that the iPod is for software Thieves?
I would like an iPod


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Jan 3, 2002
Re: Rower . . .

Originally posted by citizensane
I'm sorry it didn't please you. I suppose suicide is the only option for me.

Jesus Citizensane, you are not having a good run with your first posts, are you. 2 threads down already

If you want to make new news, take a pic off the Apple site, open photoshop, change the colour and move the speaker around a little and then post that. You are assured to have a heap of losers gathering around to take a look.
:D :rolleyes: :D


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Jan 20, 2002
Washington DC
So, what about cds?
Portable hard drives?
Setting up your local comp usa's computer to act as a ftp server ;)

It's not the tool it's the person!! Almost anything can be made to aid in some kind of theft. Heck, I could use a rock to knock an old lady out an take her walker, but I like to think I'm a nice guy so I wouldn't do that.


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Oct 5, 2001
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Re: Rower . . .

Originally posted by citizensane
I'm sorry it didn't please you. I suppose suicide is the only option for me.

I'm sorry that your sense of self-worth and confidence is so fragile that it can't stand any sort of challenge.

BTW- Going back and editing all of your posts that way is quite deceitful...and the title doesn't change, so your discussion of a Honda/Apple robot is still in a thread titled "iPod a Tool for Software Thieves".

And I must comment on the fact that you are using the same journalist's articles for your posts. Are you Leander Kahney? Do you have his permission to repost his work?

Please stop spamming these boards with posts where the word count and timeliness are inversely proportional.

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