iPod Battery and replacing the HD


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Feb 24, 2002
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On Apples site or whatever it says that the iPod can charge 80 percent inone hour, any one else have problems with that. Mine is the original 5 gig, and it takes maybe three to get it almost totally done. Also, this damn thing has been used so much I am not surprised if it is something that I am did to it. And also, I managed to get the back off of my iPod and I can see the battery and the HD, any way to replace the HD with another one, is it even possible to find another maybe 20 gig iPod "sized" Hard Drive? thanks!


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Feb 7, 2002
as for the battery, i've noticed some weird things with mine... same model as yours (original 5 gb)... it seems to drain when not on faster than i'd expect... such that if i charge it monday. and don't use it til like friday, it's not fully charged anymore... sometimes things charge a lot in a quick time, and then to fill up all the way they slow down.... i can plug my video camera in for an hour and get 80 mins out of it, then it takes another hour to get the final 20 mins... so that kinda makes sense.

as for the hd. i think that the current 20 gb one is a different size. but i could be wrong. if it is though, i'm guessing that there isn't a smaller one, at least not one that's readily affordable/available or else it would be the one in use.... but. i could be wrong.


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Jun 14, 2002
yep, mine is exactly the same as you guys - not very good really when you think it is fully charged, a couple of days after charging (and not using) to find the battery nearly flat. It also seems to take forever to charge when connected to my ibook.

My favourite gadget still:) as well as my Ipaq which is the best especially as I have a OSX theme on it - just like a mac dare I say PDA would be - so who cares if they don't release one.

Just another note, which is I have absolutely no intention of using any of the ical, and contact functions on the ipod as I hardly can fit it in my jacket + phone + pda. something has to give really....... it just stays in the bag.


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Jul 2, 2002
iPod problem

on that note....

does anyone else get the file - exclamation point 'screen of death' on their iPod? After plugging my iPod into a socket (I can't say it's charging, bc it only gives me the charge screen off and on) the iPod plays maybe 3-4 songs before giving me the exclamation point screen. After restarting it, I quickly get a low battery indicator.

It's suffice to say my iPod is fudged up.

I suppose my question is: does the iPod have to be plugged into a computer every once and a while for file management purposes? My PoweerBook had an unfortunate run-in with a bottle of beer, so this is not exactly possible. Any suggestions?