iPod has landed - it's a...


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May 9, 2001
It is a crap, face it! Too big, too expensive, it has some very good features but I can live without it and everybody else too.

Steve Jobs won't be having a good night of sleeping after that.

How can he sell something like that specially when the US is going to a drepression?


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Apr 9, 2001
too big?

Name a smaller MP3 player with the same storage.



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Jul 31, 2001
San Luis Obispo, CA
marketing tool

Who wants to bet me that Apple has other ideas up their sleeves than just grabbing a little market share? No, they want to turn people over to Mac. How do you do that? First, you make some badass computers (check). Next you open retail stores (check). Then, you make a cool-but-not-revolutionary device and BUNDLE it with your badass computers at a discount (not yet). Suddenly an iBook looks a lot more attractive when you add $250 and get an iPod. I'd be willing to bet that they will do this.


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Oct 24, 2001
2 Things

It's still a lame name. (maybe that's why Intel used it)
And it's too expensive. I bet it's gunna cost 15% more here in Europe like all Apple products, and I can see it go down the drain like the cube. aaahh we'll see what it does.
It looks funny though.


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May 9, 2001
Sorry dude

You could at list make money out the cube!!! if you are a web or graphic designer or something that doesn't need a PCI port (like video editing or profesional audio engeneer).

For the iPod you need an Apple computer (costly it self) and you won't make any money out of it unless you are an Apple reseller.


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Apr 26, 2001
No you are wrong.
The point of the ipod is not to have a mac aswell as it.
It is aimed at a student or post graduate and the kool thing about it is you just have to find a mac anywhere in a city or uni (lots of them where im from) and you can start up ur mac from it, use appz on it etc. It doesnt have to be your mac if you start it up from the ipod.
Oh, and the mp3 player part is pretty kool too.

(i hope i have not misunderstood what this ipod can and cant do, otherwise this post will be really embarressing)


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Oct 14, 2001
iPod is expensive but not too expensive. The drive it is using is $379. Therefor for $20 more you get the the rest. Actually it is a really good deal when you look at it that way. Yes it is more expensive than the Nomad, etc. But a desktop is also cheaper than a laptop. Why, because of the size.
It may be too expensive for the current market. But that will change. The others are going to have to adapt to Apple's advancement. Therefor more mini drives will be made and bought bringing the price down considerably. This device is the begining of something big.

Stage 2: Take the iPod experiance and add PDA features. = a device that hot syncs and charges through one small cable.

Stage 3: take the PDA/iPod mix and add cell phone features.

Stage 4: (may be combined with stage 3) Web browser.

They have to start somewhere. iPod will be a great start.


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Jul 24, 2001
In the shadow of the Space Needle.

I like to think of it as a nice little digital pocketbook, (ignore the gender issue) convenient to carry all the little stuff, the essentials, and not so big and cumbersome like a backpack.
The more I see the Windows crowd bitching the more I realize there is great potential in this little iPod. I just took a look in the bag that I carry to work and noticed that the CDwallet, 25cd's, 3 zips, and 20printed pages all could have been put in the iPod a lot easier.
There are firewire cables coming out of both my home Mac and work Mac before anyone jumps in with the "you have to crawl around back to plug it in" crap.