iPod has some songs cut short and albums not listed properly but are fine in iTunes

Discussion in 'iPod' started by NoBullets, May 30, 2009.

  1. NoBullets macrumors newbie

    May 30, 2009
    I'm pretty meticulous in keeping my iTunes organized and free of bad files. I even have most of my albums displayed in order of release date with the help of iTunes handy "sort by" feature.

    My problem is that some songs that play fine on iTunes only play for a few seconds on my iPod before cutting off and skipping to the next track. I've tried deleting the songs from my iPod and then re-syncing with iTunes, but the problem prevails for some reason.

    In another completely unrelated problem, some albums that display fine on iTunes are sorted weird on my iPod. For example, under one artist, on my ipod, the first two albums are displayed over and over again 5 or 6 times (listed like Album 1, Album 2, Album 1, Album 2, etc.). Each album listing claims to contain only 2 or 3 songs each, but when i select any of them the entire song list for the album displays just fine. I mean obviously this problem doesn't affect playback, it's just kind of annoying to have to scroll down past all the "separate" entries for the first two albums just to get to the other albums, plus it just kind of bothers me because i'm mildly OCD about my music organization :p

    I have over 23,000 songs, and the problematic ones are few and far between, but since it happens to be music I've been listening a lot to lately it's kind of irritating to deal with.

    Hopefully I didn't foolishly miss a previous thread about this, I tried searching around and did several Google searches but never found a solution. does anyone know how I can fix this?

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