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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by csubear, Oct 9, 2003.

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    Aug 22, 2003
    Okay. I acidently deleted some songs from my music libary through the terminal. Not the whole libary, but a few songs. I still have the songs on m ipod. The werid part is that i have opened and closed itunes and the songs are still on the playlist, but itunes says that they can't be located. Will Itunes simply restore those songs from the Ipod? Or will it delete them becasue they are no longer in the libary? I don't know because the songs are still on the libary's play list. I am inclined to belive that it will restore those songs, or a best do nothing. Just wondering if this had happend to anyone else?
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    Jul 6, 2003
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    iTunes will put whatever is on the computer onto the iPod. So if you deleted songs from the computer, iTunes will delete them from the iPod unless you have already set iTunes to manually manage playlists.

    There are 3rd party utilities that will allow you do get songs off the iPod. Xpod comes to mind but there are others. Do a search on versiontracker or google and you'll find something.

    You're not screwed--just don't plug your iPod into your computer yet.
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    Since the songs show up in your list, they will not be deleted from the iPod while automatically synching.

    The reason they still show up on your list is that you deleted the songs from the file system directly without going thru the iTunes interphase; thus the XML file that keeps your list of songs did not get updated. As long as it stays that way, the songs won't be deleted from you iPod.

    What you can do is switch your iPod preferences to manual update mode, delete the affected songs from your iTunes list, and then use a third party utility to restore them to you your iTunes from your iPod.
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    Quickly change iTunes so it won't update the iPod automatically, then download iPodRip2 which is in my signature, and smartsync it so all your songs will be back. Note that you'll probably have to delete the songs that can't be found because I don't think the program would give you new versions if it appears in the xml database.

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