iPod makes it easy to steal software


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May 9, 2001
That guy Kevin Webb is:
1. Very paranoic.
2. Some one who is in some one elses business.
3. Of course some one with too much time in his hands.
4. Another idio* from the Bible Belta area (I was in Arkansas for a year and everybody there was getting ion to my business too).

I wouldn't care too much about the issue, besides, how much software can you get from a display computer? most of the just have the OS it self.

I guess is more a case of some one with too much time in his hands rather than some kid stilling software.

Be carefull when so one develop a "firewire atm card", that may happend in this crazzy world full of creative people.

That is kinda scary to think you can do that. Of course you have to give a little credit to M$ for making its software easy to steal, and the CompUSA employee who could have stoped the kid as soon as he dragged and droped file. HELLO? Good job CompUSA way to keep your products safe. (Maybe I could walk in and take a new iMac, and have the store people take notes on me as I do it, then post how scary it is on a major website, and say how bad it is. U can stop people u know, U do have a right to stop stealing)


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Jan 2, 2001
Metairie, LA
u know.....

I was doing stuff like that 5 years ago on Zip disks....

but it's still a bit scary as far as security of files goes...


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Oct 5, 2001
San Diego, CA
I'm still trying to get my head around the actual intent of the article.
Is the author:
1) Accusing all iPod owners of being software pirates?
2) Blaming the Mac OS architecture for making drag-and-drop application installation?
3) Blaming Microsoft for not making Office v.X copy protected?

Seems to me like he just has a bone to pick with Macs.


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Oct 4, 2001
Natick, MA
At least there is mention of other methods that can be used for the same thing... Any of VST/SmartDisk's thin drives can do the same thing, and cost less money.

If inCompUSA has such lack of security to allow this kind of thing to happen, then they deserve it. Every other Mac store that I have gone to has enough sales people to help you out fairly quickly (witin a minute or two). While at inCompUSA, you can browse their entire Mac selection (I know, sparce at that) and never have someone approach you to assist.

The multi-user suggestion would prevent people from copying, or deleting, items that you need to keep safe. Just set up the accounts as such and leave it logged in as the retail user version.

Just goes to show how many (not all, but close to it) of the CompUSA stores don't have enough people that know how about the Mac.