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Apr 12, 2001
A recent post from an anonymous source at iPodlounge claims that the previously rumored Flash-memory based iPod due by Christmas will have controller chips provided by SigmaTel. If true, these new iPods are expected to be out by the Christmas shopping season of 2004, adding a possible $99 price point to the iPod family.

These rumors come in addition to others about a possible new 60 GB color-screened iPod capable of showing a photo slideshow of synced or downloaded photos. Pricing for the color 60 GB model is expected to be set at the previous-generation high point of $499.

Also in the rumor mill are rumblings of a black special-edition U2 iPod, to be pre-loaded with at least the next U2 major album release, if not more of their catalog of songs (possibly all of their previous releases). This rumor has been picked up not only in the Mac community, but in mainstream news as well, lending a little credence to the story. The limited edition model is expected to be released October 26th at a media event put on by Apple & U2.

One interesting submission today made reference to another audio-related debut on October 26th - to be made by XM Satellite Radio. Expected from them is a 'walkman-like' wearable portable system for XM receiving and playback. Said to be hard-drive based for recording and later retrieval, it may not be out of the bounds of possibility that the new iPod may be a factor in its development, if not being the XM device itself.

Laslo Panaflex

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May 1, 2003
A flashed based one would be nice, but it would have to be at least 1gig, preferably 2. Can you even get a 1gig flash card for $99? I don't see apple releasing a flashed based ipod for $99, unless its like all the others with a measely 256 megs.

Buy who knows, maybe apple is trying to get 100% of the portable mp3 player market, and I guess there is a market for $99 256 meg flash players.


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Jun 6, 2003
Solon, OH
rendezvouscp said:
XM radio would be totally awesome. I wonder if they are going to have it as an add-on for current models and then incorporate that into the 60 GB if it ever comes out?
I agree with you - that would be a great idea. I've never experienced XM satellite radio before.


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Jul 14, 2004
$99 would be a sweet price, but would this follow the same form factor as the minis, the normals, or would it follow a new design? I personally like the mini design but don't like the current colours other than green.


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May 14, 2003
Canyon Country, CA


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Jun 23, 2003
XM in an iPod

As far as I can tell from browsing online, the smallest XM receiver is larger than the current ipod itself. Am I missing something?


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Apr 18, 2004
how can this happen when steve went publicaly on the record and stated that most people use their "dinky" $50 flash players and then stash them in their drawerer never to be seen again..


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Sep 18, 2003
London, UK
I'm not sure that a $99 price point would suit the iPod - it is a highly desirable piece of kit that has value to it. Mind you, they need to keep in the market I suppose. Of course, Apple may release a cheap flash-based iPod at MWSF '05. Steve Jobbs would go through all the motions before ending with "and all this for just $199". *Similar silence to unveiling of iPod mini at $249 price point, MWSF '04* :D


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Sep 13, 2003
NOT from an anonymous source

Also hearing about SigmaTel and flash-based iPods from non-anonmous sources...this is from Macminute:

Thomas Weisel analyst Jason Pflaum has reiterated his belief that Apple will introduce a flash-based music player before the holidays. "I recently spent two weeks in Asia meeting with a number of folks who are in a position to know details of SigmaTel's supply chain," Pflaum said. "Based on our industry contacts, we are confident that, one, Apple is planning to launch a flash-based player, and two, SigmaTel is the provider of controller chip for that device."


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Jun 17, 2004
I want to buy my sister and girlfriend both ipods but want the best deal. I am curious on the flash based how big are they planning to be? :confused:


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Mar 25, 2003
Memphis, TN
1gb USB drives retail for about $99.00 :

I would imagine that a 1gb flash based iPod is feasible. I would imagine also that the price might be somewhere in the range of $99 to $149

Pure speculation on my behalf fueled by the fact that 1gb worth of RAM (retail) on a USB device is $99 then the raw memory (bought in bulk at wholesale prices) is possibly two thirds the cost for Apple? I'm making up these numbers and have no facts to back them. Please comment if you have experience in wholesale memory pricing.


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Dec 12, 2003
If Apple cant make money on an $800 computer then they cant make money on a $99 iPod.


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This is the rumor I want to here: An iPod with over 20 hours battery life!! Hello Apple? Get with the program. Sony can do it, and the replacement batteries do it, so what's the problem?

These other features would be nice as well. I believe a simple change such as color screens and a clever interface/color scheme would increase iPod demand even further.


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May 21, 2003

No way will there be a flash-based iPod while prices are this high.

A 4GB flash is $250. A 2GB flash is $150. Anything smaller and you're just carrying around a few albums, and an MP3-CD unit for $39 is where you're going to find the value.

When a 4GB flash is $50 (2 years) there may be a flash-based iPod.

If there's a flash-based iPod for Christmas I'll leave the country. Oh, wait, I'm not Alec Baldwin.


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Jan 23, 2003
Southern California
requies said:
oh wow! ipods! i love ipods! i want a black one!!!

Here you go. :D

Seriously though, the stuff on that website looks pretty nice. If I were in the market for a new iPod, I'd definitely have to restrain myself from spending the extra bucks and getting a slightly more 'unique' color. :p

Their main iPod page is here.


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Apr 16, 2002
Chicago, IL
Personally I think a $99 flash based player is a great idea. People like cheap, and the current $249 iPod entry price is too high for a lot of people. I think a lot of people settle for crappy flash based players because they can't afford anything better. Giving people a flash based player with an interface similar to an iPod mini would show them how good Apple designed products can be, while allowing them to start shopping at the iTMS.

Besides Apple has almost completely dominated the hard drive based player market, so it's time for them to move into flash based players. If they don't make some inroads into the flash player market, those people will get sucked into Microsoft's store and there WMA files. Apple needs to work to make AAC the dominant music format.

Oh, and 512MB can still hold about 8.5 hours of AAC 128 music (which is about 11 CDs, given the length of most CDs nowadays), so it isn't really that small. It would require a little more user management, but I know I could easily deal with it, especially if the player were only $99. Although, I bet Apple would price the player at $149, if they ever release one.


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Sep 23, 2004
Patmian212 said:
Flash iPod maybe Color ipod no way!!!

Flashpod yes.

Perhaps 149$, but I can't see 99$ unfortunately. I can also see a 6GB mini, and a 1-2GB Flashpod.

ipod mini is becoming the defacto player for all of people's collection of music... or a large majority of it... the flash will become the new mini... the jogger's iPod.


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Jul 3, 2003
Flash iPods would go against everything Steve said. However, if Motorola's phones will have iTunes, I think you can only expect them to hold as much as flash-based MP3 player and a Flash iPod would go along with that.

I think, if this rumor means anything at all, the Flash iPod is really just a 2 GB iPod Mini with a low price of near $99 and perhaps a price drop in the iPod Mini to make them comparable with on another. You really can't make the click-wheel and iPod screen any smaller.

I say bogus to this rumor.

The U2 iPod is a possibility. I doubt it'll hold U2's complete library, but maybe several big hits and maybe some unreleased stuff. I'm not really a U2 fan, but it'd be interesting to see what could happen with other artists and iPods. Think about it: Allow the artist to design the iPod's look, add a signature or something on the back, and add some of their greatest tracks.

That elusive color iPod on the other hand...

I want to see some interesting things with iTunes. That'd be more interesting to me for now.

Of course, some new hardware and computer announcements would be nice before MWSF '05.


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Sep 13, 2003
Flash Very Possible

I know that Jobs said Apple was not considering a flash iPod. However, I think that Apple will introduce one. Reasons:

1-Takes the iPod into a new market. Some people will not buy a player unless it is much cheaper than the current iPods.

2-Introduces folks to the iPod brand - folks that might upgrade later (like BMW offering a cheaper car to get people hooked).

3-Great add-on product for existing iPodders. Having a 40-60GB for travel, home, etc AND a 1GB flash based for working out...that is a dream.

And...the kicker...all of the above help kill the competition.


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Sep 13, 2003
U2 iPod is Flash

Not sure if this has already been discussed. However, if there is a new flash iPod and a U2 iPod then...

...I bet the U2 iPod is flash based.
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