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Sep 21, 2001
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Has anyone else noticed that the ipods feature of transferring data is severley under advertised?
It seems to me that apple have something install for the iPod, I don't think that it's going to just be an MP3 player. Otherwise why would they call it the iPod and not somehting to do with music?

Also just some feedback, those of you who have iPods, I'm thinking of getting one, is there any major faults with them?


King Cobra

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Mar 2, 2002
Currently, the main function of the iPod is to play mp3s. There are other features, such as a hidden game, the ability to store phone numbers, etc. But as MacOsRumors has listed before the iPod has incredible potential. Just being able to store music means that the iPod is going to have many other capabilities soon.

But I would still call it an mp3 player, so that I can hypnotize those at my classes who use PCs and have never heard of Incubus! :)

I would recommend getting an iPod if you really have the urge to listen to music. If you do not have a whole bunch of songs that you want to store, get a 5GB model. If you really want to cram stuff in it, get a 10GB model.

As for problems, I have noticed just a few. First, the iPod has a 16 or 24MB RAM chip that is used to play music directly, once the Hard Drive sends the music data to the RAM chip (I am pretty sure it is 16MB). This is easier because it would waste battery power every time you wanted to hear a song going to the iPod. The problem is trying to keep the iPod still when the Hard Drive is spinning and is carrying music data. If you suddenly jerk the iPod, information will be lost, but you can retrieve it again.

Second, get the latest edition of the software for the iPod, version 1.1 if you can.

Third, if you would like, since the iPod scratches so easily, I would recommend carrying the iPod carefully, or just get a cover. Either should protect the iPod just fine.

You can find covers at:

The best of luck on the purchase, Paolo.

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Nov 28, 2001
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nice analysis Cobra.

i was wondering if anyone has experience using the ipod in thr tropics.

im worried about using it in the high heat and humidity, and that is my main reason for not buying yet.

anyone who lives in the tropics use ipods?


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Feb 7, 2002
the pod occasionally will freeze/crash and you'll have to do a force shut down so to speak. also, i'd say unless you need to have 10 gigs at once, just go with the 5er... you can always swap files in and out quite quickly once they're on your computer..


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Jan 9, 2002
Actually it is 32MB memory

Originally posted by King Cobra
...the iPod has a 16 or 24MB RAM chip that is used to play music directly, once the Hard Drive sends the music data to the RAM chip (I am pretty sure it is 16MB)...
Actually it is 32MB, believe it or not. Here's the link to the specs.

BTW, I don't mean to pick on you, it just seems to happen that way, honest -- no offense.


iPod Specs

King Cobra

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Mar 2, 2002
32MB. Copy that. I visited that site before and I guess I missed it. But 32MB is MUCH better than 16.

As for high humidity, the range is 5 to 95%. I think this was discussed in another thread.

Basically, all or most of the Apple products function under the same relative outside conditions: same altitude, same temperature range, same humidity, and same moisture exposure (which is sort of like humidity). So I am not surprised.

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