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    OK this looks like I posted in the WRONG Forum but ,please hear me out...

    I would have liked apple to have announced an upgrade to the IPod touch... I currently have the ipodtouch 5....

    SO I dont think any carrier would sell you an Iphone 5S without a plan, AND I DONT want a plan... But on the APPLE site , you can buy a T-Mobile phone with NO CONTRACT and the phone IS UNLOCKED...


    What is Unlocked? Is that like jailbreak...

    And If I dod not activate the phone with T-Mobile - would I have essentially bought an IPODTOUCH 5S... ???

    Please ignore the money issues... Yes I would buy the LATEST ipodtouch for 900... Im retired and can afford it...
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    I'm going to be a jerk and ignore the point of your post and just say that if money isn't an issue, why not just purchase the current iPod Touch and then when they release a new one, purchase the new one and stop using the old one..

    Unlocked does not mean it's jailbroken. It means that you do not sign a contract in order to purchase the phone. If it is an unlocked GSM iPhone, you can use it on either T-Mobile or AT&T (or any other GSM carrier). I'm not positive how the CDMA versions work, because the last I knew, Sprint didn't allow non-Sprint phones on their network. I could be wrong about that part though.

    Those examples are obviously assuming you're in the US. I realize this is an international forum, but i'm American and we generally assume everyone else is American too :)

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