iPod won't stay connected to iTunes

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Gizmotoy, Aug 26, 2004.

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    Nov 6, 2003
    Hello Guys,
    I've been searching for some help on this issue for awhile. I've found a number of people having similar problems, but I can find no solutions.

    Basically, I keep all my music on my Windows PC. I connect my iPod mini to it through USB2.0. The two worked together flawlessly since I bought the iPod (the week it was released), until a few weeks ago, so it was obviously working for awhile. Recently, however, the computer will periodically drop the connection to the iPod every few minutes. The computer acts like I unplugged the iPod, and iTunes removes it from its tray. 30 seconds to a minute later the iPod pops back into the tray like I plugged it back in, only it had been plugged in all along. If I happen to be transferring music at the time it disconnects, I lose the majority of my transfer since it was disconnected while the iPod read "Do Not Disconnect".

    To resolve the issue I tried reinstalling Windows (it was getting pokey, you know how Windows is...) and iTunes 4.6. No luck. I tried a friends brand new 4G, which exhibited the same behavior. I also tried the USB cable that came with that 4G, and plugged it into just about every one of the 8 USB ports I have.

    I'm not convinced it is my USB port as my USB 2.0 powered external hard drive works without incident. Can you guys think of anything to try? Could it be an iTune 4.6 issue? It definately worked the entire time I used 4.5, but I can't remember if it started when I upgraded...
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    Feb 17, 2003
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    I have never used an iPod with windows or USB, but I would have to lean towards both as possible culprits.

    My coworker uses his iPod with firewire in a VAIO and has no problems.

    I have heard some anecdotal evidence suggesting that the iPod itself is a bit flaky with USB 2 connections. Couple that with Windows and you have a potential problem.

    Are you loosing songs? Or is it just weird that is disconnects?

    Bets bet is to make sure you have the latest iPod software update, the latest iTunes, and then you can try backing up your music to iTunes, reset/reformat your iPod with the software tools and see what that does.

    Its all trial and suggestions, but worth a shot.

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