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    Description:: Ranging in price from $10 to $3000, dozens of car integration solutions are now available for iPod owners. iLounge’s iPod Your Car Central Information Hub lists three types of iPod-to-car accessories: official solutions sold by car manufacturers and aftermarket integrated solutions sold by third-parties both require professional installation and create premium-quality audio connections between your iPod and car speakers. Additional products called aftermarket non-integrated solutions require no professional installation and cost much less, but generally offer lower-quality audio.

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    Good info for everyone out there! I personally use a VAIS technology solution (don't recall the model number and such) that I purchased when I got my 05 Prius last year. I truely cannot drive without that thing! It allows me full control of my iPod through BOTH my steering wheel controls AND my lcd touch screen! Fantastic! It works only through playlists though (or you can control using the iPod itself) but I only listen to music via playlists anyway, so I am super happy. Great company!

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