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IPP vs. Macbook when working offline


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Oct 10, 2011
I'm trying to decide on a small device 9.7 IPP vs. Macbook for taking with me while traveling and being in places without internet access. It seems that with the Macbook I can open programs and work in them and save the files on the SSD, and I can even have tabs open in a web browser that I can review while being offline. On an IPP I'm not clear on what happens if I am working in a program and want to save something without internet? I also do not think I can review open tabs in a web browser without it trying to refresh, resulting in me losing the content on the open tab because it is unable to connect to the internet.

Are there ways to do these types of things on an IPP without internet also?



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Jan 6, 2005
Most programs will allow you to work offline just fine on the iPad, but it'd be worth getting more specific if this is an absolute need for you. Most of the various file sharing platforms you might be using allow you to download files for local use ahead of time as well. Safari will keep the pages cached in iOS as well - but, as you probably well know, has the potential to flush those pages at any time due to memory constraints.

Unless you have a specific reason to want the iPad (form factor, Pencil, etc.) I think the MacBook is likely to provide you with much more of what you are looking for, at about the same cost, with a better keyboard, a larger screen, and a trackpad. I have both devices myself. For me the iPad wins as a reading and writing/sketching device, and if total footprint when typing is of utmost importance. But the overall weight and volume difference between the two is rather minimal.


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Jan 25, 2016
Personally I'm more of an iPad person when travelling. I have a great app called Offline Pages which lets me save web pages (and it follows the links in those and saves them offline too) for review/usage, which prevents things being removed from the cache. I do check before I go in the iCloud Drive folder to make sure files recently edited elsewhere are there (and I sync everything in GoodReader too which saves things in certain Dropbox folders too).

Edited documents are saved locally - just like on OS X, when you're next online the files will be uploaded.


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Mar 12, 2011
New York
Maybe I overlooked it while reading but why not purchase a cellular iPad? If price isn't much of a factor. Even if it is, there's some awesome deals on cellular iPads right now. That way you will have the option of data if needed. Also like someone else mentioned, when viewing webpages an iPad will cache them until memory becomes an issue. There are a couple of cool options to offset that though. You can save a webpage to your home screen for viewing even when completely offline. You can also "view later" or add to reading list to be viewed offline as well. For travel I definitely think an iPad is better if portability is your main focus. Both pros and the appropriate Smart Keyboard work wonderfully together.


Jan 8, 2013
An ipad you can be bought with lte and we are taking about the 9.7" so its more portable
But since i have almost all current apple products i would say buy the macbook
You have osx and windows
[doublepost=1462375855][/doublepost]But if you choose the ipp you must buy with lte and keyboard and yiu have almost a laptop experience when you need it
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