iProng to give away $10,000 worth of iPod accessories at Por...

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    Link: iProng to give away $10,000 worth of iPod accessories at Portable Media Expo
    Description:: The iProng booth at Portable Media Expo will feature an interview table where all Expo attendees can sit down to answer a few iPod-related questions for possible use on an upcoming episode of iProng Radio, and everyone who participates will receive a free iPod accessory as a prize. Attendees will have more than ten thousand dollars worth of accessories to choose from, provided by more than a dozen companies and ranging from iPod cases to speaker systems...

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    I've never heard of iProng before, so I suppose in a sense their marketing thing worked.

    Sounds interesting.
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    They used to be called iPod Garage a while back but had to change their name when Apple started objecting to web sites/companies using iPod in their names...

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