Iraqi Government Shuts Down Al-Jazeera's Offices

Discussion in 'Politics, Religion, Social Issues' started by Thanatoast, Sep 6, 2004.

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    Dec 3, 2002
    So who do I get to put the blame on here? Bush or his Iraqi puppet government? Lord forbid a news agency should report from a point of view differing from Rupert Murdoch's.
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    Feb 18, 2003
    ...Outside of Baghdad how much relevance does this have?

    This makes a poor strategy for an Interim govt and it's US backers/interests. By closing the Offices of Al Jazeera in Baghdad (a futile move) they have:

    1.Inflamed a sense of Arab Nationalism and Pride by impugning an internationally respected News Organization (for the most transparent and self-serving of interests. Further inflamed and/or galvanized Islamic sentiment towards the US and the legitimacy of the Interim Government (not good).

    2. In return temporarily restrict/bar non-Western media access to limited amounts of the country (those areas not effectively controlled by "Insurgents" or the Kurds).

    Not a very good trade-off...Severely bad PR in the International Press (including western) and with the general public (esp. Arab and muslim). Reduced legitimacy for both the intentions and the very existence of both the Interim govt and US interests/personnel in Iraq or the Region. In return the Interim Govt and the US get to silence any dissenting opinion(s) in Iraq coming up to a Presidential Election in the US and the run-up to Iraqi "elections" next year.

    Unfortunately, the effectiveness of this plan is limited to only certain areas not controlled be the "insurgency". Those limitations will probably be so severe as to render the actions as merely symbolic.

    These symbols may be anything from "the finger", to jingoistic, to ironic, to stupid, depending on who you ask.

    Unfortunately, the reaction among Iraqis and (moderate) Arabs will be palpable...

    It is idiocy like this that show why we are ultimately losing in Iraq and on the WOT...

    If anyone smells the hand of politics before pragmatism here, how does that reflect on a President also in a close-race for re-election?

    How does that play into any assessment of his character and his priorities...on his strength and utility in the WOT?

    This is so pathetic on multiple levels...

    (blame alcohol...)

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