Irregular startup after update to Mojave.


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Feb 22, 2018
Since updating to OSX Mojave Version 10.14, I am experiencing an irregular startup. When I turn my MacBook Air on it starts up to the login screen. I put in my password and then the progress bar will appear; then go to a black screen. It will stay at this black screen for several seconds and then start up regularly. I've chatted with Apple a couple of times regarding this, and they said that they are aware of this problem; and that their engineers are looking into it. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?


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Jun 9, 2011
Alberta, Canada
Yes. I thought it may be a problem with my iMac so I went to the Apple store and did a restart on some of their computers. Same problem. It seems to be an issue with Mojave. I thought it made my iMac slow to startup and I have an ssd but the fusion drive iMacs I tested were really slow.
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