is anyone else disappointed in the "speed bumps"?


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Mar 31, 2002
Maryland, USA
Re: Re: Re: Great sarcasm Ninjachild...

Originally posted by springscansing

They're not more like 3ghz laptops.. maybe 1.5.. that's it. Unless you're using photoshop, which is G4 optimized beyond belief.

And IE is a heck of a lot FASTER than Mozilla. I donno what's all this obsession about browsers anyway... the internet is still the same.
Really? I've tried IE each update, and have always switched back to Mozilla. Maybe you aren't using a current version of Mozilla. I really like build 2002101612.

There are 30 some odd programs Apple lists that are altivec optimized. There could be more if we just asked developers to focus on processor optimization more than graphics card optimizations. I'm using a G4/800 iMac 15" model. I do remember Mozilla has a speed issue when the sidebar is showing because it is trying to load so many websites at once. You can disable that sidebar and just use multiple tabs. If using Mac OS 9, yes Mozilla is slower, but if using Mac OS X, Mozilla is much faster.


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Aug 9, 2002
Re: is anyone else disappointed in the "speed bumps"?

Originally posted by ninjachild
but a measly 200 Mhz speed bump in a laptop that is more than a year old.
Well first of all its not more than a year old.
Second, dont think of it as a 200mhz boost, think of it as a 25% clockspeed boost