Is FCP 3 worth it?


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Dec 14, 2001
what's the difference in editing in DV format and editing Offline RT format..I am wondering because Apple has a $500 diffence in their 550 and 667 mhz (they require 667 for Real time in DV format...i'd probably buy a 550 now, but what would be the downside?)


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May 5, 2001
rt and dv

offline rt is just another term for motion jpeg. It's a pretty good buy slightly lossy dv compatible format. The realtime in fcp is real time preview not render. This is nothing to sneeze at believe me. This is exactly what the crappy maxtrox rt mac did for another grand on top of the cost of FCP! Believe me, when you are working on a large project, its much easier on the mind when you can look at your work without rendering it. You also missed the truely impressive feature of FCP 3. Real time industrial strength color correction. Color correction in FCP 2 is a b*tch because you have to wait while the machine renders everything out before being able to preview it properly. The only thing that i am dissapointed in is that there is no real time croma key/blue-green screen. That is one thing that would have made my life more than a little easier. And as for the price of that tibook, check out the prices at



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Nov 14, 2001
rather than trying to convince you that FCP 3 rocks..I will simpy say that USING FCP 3 OS X, it is by far the MOST stable editing platform I have ever used!..and I have used, both FCP's, Media 100i, Avid, and Premiere 5 and 6...FCP 3 for OS X is super stable!


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Sep 18, 2001

just a question, I am looking at getting into some personal video work and wonder just how big these DV files get? say 1 hour of footage? I know you can save space by using a smaller resolution of video, but does DV format have different quality levels? or is it just one format.. i assume just 1 since it it uncompressed right?


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Dec 29, 2001
Worth every penny

FCP 3 is so much faster than FCP 2 and 1 and its native to OS X
what more could you want