Is HP the New Apple?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by themadchemist, Aug 16, 2003.

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    Jan 31, 2003
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    #1 reports on the 158 new products HP released--all at once. HP is going the path of Apple, trying to integrate various technologies and make them easier to use. As David Kirkpatrick puts it, "HP moving to become the Apple of the PC world."

    Read the excerpt before or try out this link .

    Some questions I asked. Does this threaten Apple's innovative place in the market? Could HP woo on-the-fence switchers with a similar plan for audiovisual integration and the compatability (albeit problematic) of Windows? It would be much easier to move from a Dell to an HP from a Dell to a Mac, esp. for those who are deeply ingrained with the false rhetoric spewed by PC junkies and salespeople alike. Certainly, HP's offerings are crippled by the x86 processor and that horrid OS, but does it have enough Apple-ness to grab some people that Apple could have? THAT, I think, is the real concern of this article for the mac community.

    [QUOTE(FORTUNE.COM) -- It's a comparison HP is happy for consumers to make. With its massive new product rollout, the company is challenging competitors to keep up. In an interview with, HP CEO Carly Fiorina says the company's aim is not the next killer app -- but making tech work better for its customers.

    "Is HP the new Apple?" Omar Wasow leaned over and asked me during the company's massive product launch in New York Monday. He is NBC's tech impresario who advises Oprah and directs I told him I had only minutes before written in my notebook, "HP moving to become the Apple of the PC world."

    It's a comparison HP willingly invited as it introduced 158 new products all at once -- from printers to PCs to cameras to inexpensive photo paper. Apple of course has led the way toward a vision of integrated digital consumer devices and software for imaging, music, and video. But HP, said CEO Carly Fiorina onstage, didn't merely want to "think different," in an allusion to Apple's marketing slogan, but to "rethink everything."

    That was overstatement, but many of HP's new products really were innovative -- like the PC that had a built-in camera holder. Slip your HP digital camera into it, press one button, and pictures are on your PC. Press another button and they're printed (if your printer is hooked up right). CEO Carly Fiorina bragged onstage that this represented the fulfillment of HP's promise in January 2002 to reduce the steps required for taking and printing digital images from 58 to 3. I'm sure they were generous in their initial count, but regardless, they have made things easier. Another cool technology is what they call "adaptive lighting." It compensates on the camera for underlit or overlit portions of a photo so that the resulting picture is properly exposed throughout. HP also launched a scanner that is basically two pieces of glass surrounded by plastic. Hold it up to anything and it will scan it into your PC—almost like a camera. [/QUOTE]
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    Feb 7, 2002
    i really like hp. unlike dell, the contribute to the computer world more. they have done a good job with printer drivers, especially for the all in ones, they have a great printer rebate going on with apple, they even bought a bunch of xserves from apple. unlike dell they invent.

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    Apr 6, 2003
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    Well I know HP make incredible quality printers (my mom has one that she got with her LCIII and still works perfectly) and I know Apple makes great products as well. Now if HP could just improve on their designs, they could really compete with Apple :)
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    I have done tons of work with HP, even more when they were Compaq... and speaking from experience the company is very dedicated to innovating.

    However where they really do fail is in marketing.. Apple constantly aims at consumers while HP and Compaq ignore the end user... for example browse through the HP website and see how lost you get. The companies have no clear direction or goal... just mission statements from dilbert comics.

    The Compaq Presario, Digital, Tandem, Alpha64, Proliant, and Pavilion groups are all completely seperate companies and do not play together at all. They all "innovate" independently.

    They will literally have 7 teams working independiently to develop a new online support section and then will launch all seven.. none working together.. all with different info... everyone claiming their "piece of the pie" I have seen people get fired for allowing people access to their info.

    Apples trademark will always be their simple elegance.. something HP can never have.
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    iJon, that's a great sig!

    On topic, I never knew that HP bought xserves...Brownie points, definite brownie points.

    And I do concede that their printers are quite good.
  6. Mr. Anderson Moderator emeritus

    Mr. Anderson

    Nov 1, 2001
    Ah, but Apple's innovation is more than hardware. And Apple has had a great run of industry changing products. I think that if HP is going to be the next Apple, they'll need to redo their image, work at marketing things a little slicker and not only know what users want, but be able to wow and surprise consumers with something they have to have even if they didn't know it before hand.

  7. kettle macrumors 65816


    May 12, 2002
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    Hardware and OS needed

    Wouldn't HP need to be the captain of their own destiny to do what Apple Computer do?

    Like hardware and Operating System?
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    Don't forget Woz used to work for HP. He had a contract with them that he had to give them whatever he invented, so he even offered the Apple I prototype to them. But, of course, they turned it down.

    HP is just coming back, trying to overtake the company they almost got hold of but turned down due to the stupidity of their CEO back then.

  9. TMay macrumors 68000

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    HP is a shell of its former self

    HP isn't the same company that we knew and admired in the 80's. They spun off their test equipment company (Agilent before Compaq was absorbed), they are end-of-lifing all of there internally developed computer hardware/software (including Alpha) for the Itanium line of processors that they codeveloped with Intel. In some financial quarters, the only thing saving their bacon is ink cartridge sales.

    True, they have come out with 158 new consumer products, though I have yet to find more than a handful that are even of moderate interest, but there really isn't that much innovation in a company who's motto is "Invent".
  10. ThomasJefferson macrumors 6502

    Jul 17, 2002
    I have found HP scanners and printers dependable (toner priced too high) and long lasting. Ditto on the drivers. But agree with D0ct0rteeth about the computer line up.
  11. Vector macrumors 6502a


    Feb 13, 2002
    Maybe HP is the new apple of the mid 90's. A company whose product line has become bloated and burdened by such a range of procucts that it can no longer seel enoguh of its goods to produce a profit because it must produce so many different products. Its product line is no longer streamlined and will suffer because of its complexity and the complexity of mainaining production of such a vast amount of products.

    So am i the only one that sees that correlation or is it just wishful thinking on my part?

    Edit: I forgot to mention the similarities between the ceos Carly Fiorina and Gil Amelio (i guess sculley could also be blamed for the expanding product line and the declining sales). Both CEOs were/are disliked by shareholders for their companies' poor performances.
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    HP is in danger though. They're too fragmented and unfocused right now to be what they could be. They are the king of printing without a doubt and they command my respect in that field, but elsewhere they appear to be a little lacking.

    This article from the Reg says their research department could become the next PARC; inventing tons of new things only to be ignored by the parent company. Then someone else comes along, adapts the ideas, develops, patents and markets their "new" invention (just like XeroxPARC's GUI) and leaves the development team feeling betrayed and bewildered.

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