Is it a bad idea to use my Mac to backup/restore someone else's iPhone?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by stanw, Sep 26, 2016.

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    A very non-technical co-worker is upgrading from an iPhone 5, and for some reason her phone will not backup to iCloud, and she does not own a computer. Without being able to backup to iCloud, she can not transfer everything to her new phone. I thought about offering to assist with iTunes on my Mac. I am thinking of plugging in her phone to my Mac, doing a complete backup and then plugging in her new phone and restoring from that backup. Before I do this:

    1. Where do I go to completely wipe any data that is copied to my Mac from her old phone?
    2. Are there any reasons that doing this may be a bad idea?

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    I've done this with my wife's phones a couple of times. I think she'll have to type her password into your computer, or something like that. You can delete her backup by going into Preferences and looking at one of the tabs.

    She doesn't have a computer? Is that even possible?
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    Do an encrypted backup so it backs up her passwords.

    Down side for you is if she loses data she might blame you. Down side for her is someone other than her will have a full backup of her phone.

    Another option is to send her to the Apple Store. They can do the backup and restore for her on their computer.
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    Nothing wrong with it really. But the bigger issue at hand is finding out why it's not backing up to iCloud. Id be wanting to get that resolved before she upgrades just to ensure smooth sailing in the future.

    Check all of the usual stuff (the most obvious being make sure she has enough free iCloud storage, that free tier doesn't get you far) and there's plenty of us here who would be happy to offer advice if you get stuck for ideas.

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