Is it adviceable to upgrade "old" apps in iPad 2 to the new Retina feature?

Discussion in 'iPad Apps' started by mortenandersen, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. mortenandersen, Mar 17, 2012
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    Apr 9, 2011
    I know that this has been discussed in several threads, but will hereby try and gather and update the info: For some days now, several app makers have sent to my iPad 2 an option of upgrading "the old" (not-Retina) app with an upgrade that, often among other features, also make the app fit the new iPad's Retina display. So far, I have been reluctant to carry out the upgrade - for instance, i read in a post that the Pages upgrade (with "Retina Display files" in the upgrade) would demand MUCH more storage on the iPad, and as I have an iPad 2 this would of course not be a benefit for me - on the contrary: Much more space taken away without getting something positive back.

    Is there a general advice, then, to avoid such Retina Display upgrades for a device (e.g. iPad 2) that doesn't take the advantage of the "RD-files/upgrade" anyway?

    Of course: there may also other reasons to upgrade, but if these reasons are not strong ones, should one just keep the app on the iPad 2 as it is, without the Retina Display upgrade?
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    How crucial is that extra space to you. Generally, if you have ample to spare, and upgrading does not cost any money (unlike the tapatalk HD version), I see little reason not to upgrade, unless your ipad is that flooded that you cannot spare the extra few hundred mb. :)
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    Now got an indication of how much storage space that is needed

    Thanks a lot for the informative answer. As I don't have a clue of how much extra (for the iPad 2 useless) storage space that will be used if one upgrades a lot of apps (in an iPad 2 of 64BG) that has ample space left, I was very happy to read your answer: that it would be about a few extra hundred MB. That's not so much, and is IMO acceptable.

    But I think other posters have indicated that it would be HUGE amounts of space needed, and therefore I was worried about the upgrading process.

    So, given that your estimate is correct (give or take a few hundreds of MB), I cannot see any danger of upgrading. Well, that is, if upgrading doesn't slow the iPad 2 down a lot, it spite of the limited material downloaded in the upgrading process?
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    It is huge amounts of extra space - compared to the old non-retina versions. In some cases, apps have pretty much tripled in size. Huge, but still only a few hundred MB.

    I'd say you're best off just accepting it, because ALL future updates for these apps are going to be bigger for the new graphics - and if you don't upgrade you'll miss all future bug fixes and new features.
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    If you want the bug fixes / additional features you will need to upgrade no matter what. I wonder however if the size is bigger on the iPad 2, even if you won't be getting the benefit of the retina display?

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