iPhone Is it possible that jailbreak is making my phone freeze and lag?

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    Since I week my iphone 6 has become an annoyance, it freezes on the lockscreen, it freezes on whatsapp (and I'm using the stock keyboard) , sometimes the power button doesn't work, and the app reloading it's out of control, I don't have that many tweaks, and I made sure to delete the newest ones: I think that when I tried to only have the essential tweaks to keep down the ram consume I deleted some basic tweaks that cydia needs in order to work well? But it's confusing because, you go to cydia and want to make sure that all of the installed tweaks are the ones you want and even if you are on the "user" tab there's a buch of other tweaks you never installed, do some tweaks install another ones in order to work? Because as I installed new tweaks, I'm pretty sure I saw some other ones , that didnt come preinstalled with cydia.

    Is it possible to just get rid of the jailbreak and then re-jailbreak again or I have to Restore the device to a factory state and then re-jailbreak?


    These are the tweaks I have installed:

    Prettier Banners

    and that's it :/
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    yes, many tweaks depend on others to function. for example, many statusbar related tweaks require libstatusbar to be installed

    The only way to remove a jailbreak is through an iTunes restore
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    You're going to have to narrow down which tweak(s) are causing this, if indeed it is the tweaks. Doubtful the jailbreak itself is responsible.

    One of my customers has had to return TWO iPhone 6 units because the things would just freeze on him. They were not jailbroken.

    Disable a tweak and test for a while. If it still happens, reinstall that one and move to the next one. Keep a record of what happens.

    If you can narrow it down to one tweak, that's good. If two different ones are causing this, then they may be conflicting with each other.
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    Well I tried restoring my iphone to 8.1.2 but since ios 1.2.3 has been already released I couldn't restore it the regular way with itunes, I downloaded an ios 8.1.2 "image" from this website http://www.ipswhub.com , is it legit? are there no incompatibilities? My iphone is an european model , I flashed it and it seemed to work but as soon as I jailbreaked my phone after a couple of reboots my phone gets stuck on the apple boot logo, I restored it and tried again but I get the same result, I don't know if it's the ipsw file I downloaded or the fact that I used the new mac tool to jailbreak my phone :confused:
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