Is it possible to change the SSD on the new Macbook Pro with retina?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Hamilton1963, Jun 24, 2012.

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    I'm sure there must be a ton of posts about this, but no, it's a proprietary SSD that there are currently no third-party aftermarket replacements for. That will probably change eventually, but my guess is it'll be a while and they'll be expensive.
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    Might be possible in the future when OEM's release sticks similar to the Air, but I don't think anyone at this point for sure knows whether it will be replaceable or not. You would think so because obviously Apple isn't going to replace the logic board every time a SSD fails, but who knows. It might be so complicated that few people would even be able to succeed in such a repair.
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    It is physically possible to do so, but as said above there aren't any replacement modules yet.

    OWC has stated that they will offer them at some point, and you may be able to buy Apple OEM parts from some distributors in the future, like you can now for the Air's proprietary SSD.

    According to iFixit's teardown you take off the bottom cover, remove a screw, and it lifts right out:


    So it's really just a question of availability of replacement modules.

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