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Jul 23, 2007
Hi, after turning Cookies off on my iPhone, yahoo and some sites do not function well. If I turn it on, it enables tracking. What is the recommended setting?

now i see it

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Jan 2, 2002
Most websites don’t work properly if setting cookies is disabled.
Tracking never hurt anyone. Just delete your cookies at the end of the day if you want. If you use an ad blocker, it doesn’t matter how much you’re tracked. You’ll never see an ad ever.
Tracking cookies across websites exist to help advertisers guess what you might be interested in so they can serve more relevant ads. That’s all that’s going on.


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Oct 17, 2019
It's definitely not generally recommended to turn off cookies, since you'll break the functionality of most sites. And it's not like cookies are the only method advertisers have to track you. Fingerprinting has become very popular in recent years, a method not reliant on cookies at all. (and though Apple has deployed countermeasures to make fingerprinting more difficult, they are only active in private browsing tabs)
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