Is it still possible to buy a first gen iPhone and use it with AT&T Pay as you go?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by docprego, Oct 9, 2008.

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    I heard Apple was cracking down on people who don't have the correct iPhone plans. I also heard that you could get a 1st gen iPhone on a $20 month data only plan and could even make calls if needed on a per call charged basis. Would they have any way of knowing if I bought a 1st generation iPhone, jailbreaked it, and used a Pay as you go sim in it?

    Is there a better or similar solution with T-mobile?

    Thank you
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    That it AT&T's concern, not Apple's. But you're right that AT&T has been working to enforce its mandatory data plan policy.

    AT&T used to explicitly permit using a 1st generation iPhone on a Pay-as-you-go basis under certain circumstances.

    The reason why brand new 3G iPhones must always be connected to a 2-year post-paid contract, is because that contract is one of the conditions agreed in exchange for AT&T's subsidy. Responsibility for that contractual obligation remains with the original purchaser; if he dumps the contract or changes equipment after the initial 30 day period has elapsed, then he can keep the iPhone. At his option, he might even resell it.

    AT&T's policy is that new potential AT&T customers who already own their own phone are totally welcome bring their own phone to AT&T's network, under whatever plan (prepaid or postpaid) they wish; all they need to do is purchase a SIM from an AT&T retail store. The only requirements are that it must use a compatible technology (GSM/UMTS), with a compatible frequency (850 MHz or 1900 MHz), and it must not be technologically locked to a different carrier. None of these conditions would apply to a used iPhone.

    In fact, if you search AT&T's pay-as-you-go terms of service, you will not find one single mention of any specific make or model of cellular telephone: There is nothing that would specifically restrict you from using any particular make or model of cellular telephone on a pay-as-you-go basis, and there is also nothing that would compel you to subscribe to any particular price plan as a consequence of the make or model of cellular telephone that you are using.
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    Thank you. I also heard that they are discontinuing the $20 per month unlimited data plan in November, I believe it is called Medianet? Have you heard anything about this? And if they do, what options would remain for a 1st gen iPhone on a pay as you go basis for data?
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    It does still work, I have a 1st generation and I'm on the $20/month plan. I can make calls if I want but it would cost .25 cents per minute so I don't use it, (but its there if I had to..). You can also add on texting packages.

    I saw something about an unlimited data plan being discontinued in November, but I couldn't get a clear answer if it was a phone data plan or an Aircard plan. Theres still no mention of it on AT&T's site yet. I went ahead and pre-paid up through January when I read about it on another site that so I should be covered until then. (If they make an announcement I'll dump in more funds; either they'll let it go until it runs out or refund me.) If they do away with the plan I'm not sure where to go next, I believe there's a similar option with T-Mobile but I haven't really looked into it yet.

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