Is it useless to have iCloud Photo Lib. enabled on my phone and not on my mac?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by zooby, May 11, 2015.

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    Not necessarily useless. iCloud Photo Library gives you more flexibility for iOS backups/image access than the previous iteration.

    1) Unlike a conventional iOS iCloud or iTunes backup, in the case the iPhone/iPad becomes useless (and the photos hadn't been exported previously from the device), your photos will be accessible without having to restore that backup to another iPhone/iPad. Sign into to access and download them.

    2) Use of the "optimized storage" option on your iOS devices means you'll be able to free-up storage space on those devices.

    3) If you typically save photos from one iOS device on another, you may save additional space, as you don't have to keep full-resolution versions of the image on either device.

    You can still use My Photo Stream to automatically transfer images to a computer- so perhaps reason #1 may not be all that important. The utility of #2 and #3 are also questionable, depending on how you do things.

    I have my own hybrid approach. I'm using iCloud Photo Library and Photos on Mac as well as iOS for my iOS photography. I'm continuing to download those images to Aperture as well, via My Photo Stream, and I'm continuing to import images from my "good" camera to Aperture, rather than Photos. When (and I'm an optimist, so it's "when" rather than "if")... when Photos has the "missing" features I want, then I'll probably merge everything into iCloud - I've wanted a server-based, concurrent-access photo library for a long time.

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