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iPad Pro Is it worth getting a 12.9 2020 Pro Now or should i wait until next year?


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May 22, 2015
Now normally i wouldn't ask this...but the rumors lately are all over the map.

I know they just put out a refreshed Pro with LiDar back around march, and the Magic Keyboard shortly after.

I'm rocking a 64 gig Ipad Air 3 which is feels old though. Works just fine, but I'm so used to the tap to wake and faceID on my Iphone 11 pro max, that it really does feel backwards with the home button. (I know first world problems lol) and I'm constantly out of storage so no matter what i should upgrade to at-least a 128 gig pro (as the air only comes in 64 and 256 gig versions)

That and i cant find a decent keyboard for the thing. The problem is, its too small for a halfway decent keyboard with a trackpad (feels too cramped for me) and the only one that came close was the Logitech combo which worked well but again, due to it being a 10.5 it still felt cramped and uncomfortable to use after a while (and the cover on that thing came off way to easily)

I'm fully aware of the bending issue on the Pros as i was the one ranting and raving about them with the 2018 model but hears what I'm thinking.

I get me a 12.9 pro 128 gig and Magic Keyboard. I use it as mostly a laptop/desktop device secondary to my 2017 iMac baseline model. with tax that should run me roughly $1465.

Later on i get me a 64 gig Cell Ipad Mini 5 as my on the go in field Ipad where i can take notes, sketch, use as a gps..etc while the Ipad Pro serves as a laptop that occasionally would leave the desk when needed (if at all)

Issue is, im looking at dropping 2000 plus dollars before the fall, with rumors that there will be a refresh soon.

Now i fully expect them to refresh the Ipad Air and budget models soon... What about the Mini's and the Pros. The Pro's just got a refresh, but I'm reading rumors of a even newer one With MicroLED and HDR Screens for both the Pro's and the Minis (with the Mini's getting a redesign that brings them more in line with the Pros)

Is that this year...or Next March-June next year..

If its over 9 months i would get the current ones now and just trade them in/ sell them when the time comes IF they are even worth the update.

But when will that be? Apple refreshed the Ipad 3 in the same year and i dont want to buy new devices, then a week later they put out new ones... (i know you can return upto 14 days but with my luck the new ones will come out 15 days after purchase)

What are your guys thoughts?


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Aug 28, 2003
Any guess on new product release during a pandemic would be highly suspect. We have seen numerous products that were rumored to be imminent that saw a delay. The phones are rumored to be delayed. If you want it, buy it. If something else comes out, sell it and take the $200 or so hit. I'm sorry, you get you it.

You might you also consider just how much you care about the HDR screen, do you plan to use it for mostly watching movies? Or really is it just bragging rights? Because the current screens are phenomenal. Well unless you nitpick. But then people will find something to fault in the MicroLED's too. Just wait. I mean some people actually believed in bendgate.


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Sep 16, 2014
I mean some people actually believed in bendgate.
Ill tell you, it is not a myth. Maybe not as bad as the iPhone 6 days, but it bends from normal use. Another issue on the newer IPP's are screen flex.

To OP, I would say get the new Ipad rather than waiting. Especially since storage is an issue and it was refreshed not too long ago. But, if you can wait till next March-May (likely due to the delays), then wait.
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Oct 11, 2007
If you have an iPad 3, this will be an awesome update. And there is always a next model next year. So the age old advice: if you need it, buy it right away. If you don’t need it, but want it, buy it too. :-D

But, one thing that I would like to ask you to think about is if you really want to go 12.9?
An 11 is a really nice size, much more portable and lighter then a 12.9. Certainly if you go with the Magic Keyboard, it becomes heavier then a MacBook Air and almost as heavy as an Macbook Pro 13”...

I carry my 11” iPad always with me. At home it often has the Magic Keyboard or just the iPad alone. When away I use it with just the pencil or with the Smart Keyboard because it is so much lighter and a bit smaller. Fits better in my bag that way. The Magif Keyboard is then a kind of desk stand where I put the iPad overnight on and where it can charge.
My MacBook Pro 13” has become something like an iMac in combination with a 27”5k screen. It sits on my desk and it is on occasion useful, but I’m not hauling that around unless I really, really need to. (few times a year for work).

YMMV as they say, but I just wanted to make sure you want the 12.9.
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