Is it worth getting these organizers to organize my stuff in my drawers ?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by max2, Jul 1, 2017.

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    It's really up to you to decide how much organization you need in your life based on your specific needs, your personality and maybe the needs of others.

    For example, some people have a very strict organizational system for their finances. Maybe this is justifiable because they are self-employed, do their own taxes, run businesses, have a large household with lots going on, etc. Others may find it adequate to just shove everything in an accordion folder and simply keep electronic copies of their major bills, expenses, bank statements, loan documents, etc.

    Some people might have identically sized spice jars and keep them alphabetically organized. Others might just buy random containers and keep them in a cupboard or drawer.

    And things might change over time. I used to keep a binder of my financial documents (credit cards, utilities, HOA docs, etc.). Today, I opt as much as possible for electronic document delivery, any hardcopy docs generally get tossed in an accordion file. I can A.) spend more time filing/organizing for easy retrieval, or B.) spend little time filing/organizing and if necessary, spend more time to search for documents when necessary. I've opted for option B in the past few years with the proliferation of electronic documentation. It also helps that I am a longtime Quicken user.

    In my kitchen, I keep one drawer of heavily used tools/utensils/knives fairly organized. I have another drawer with an organizer for silverware. There's a third unorganized drawer that's a catch-all for stuff I infrequently use. This works for me. I don't alphabetize my spices, but I do have a top shelf of unopened items (vinegars, oils, other staples). If I reach up there for something, it needs to go on my shopping list.

    Again, this works for me, a bachelor living alone. In a different household, the organizational system will likely be different.

    Even something as simple as sets of keys would be managed differently in other households.

    The decision is all yours. Good luck.
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    Bart Kela

    Oct 12, 2016
    I'm not a fan of plastic, but if you like the look, go for it. After all, we are not the ones to be looking in your drawers. It matters to you not to anyone here.

    At least for clothes drawers, a more practical option to consider would be thin cedar planks as spacers. Cedar has a gentle and pleasing fragrance (which is why the wood is often used in shoe trees) and perhaps more importantly is known to repel certain pests (like moths) which can damage fabrics.

    If you don't need/want spacers, you can add cedar planks to the drawer sides, back or bottom. I have a small cedar block in each clothes drawer, plus a few more loitering in my closet, but they aren't attached to anything.
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    Jul 11, 2003
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    You and me both, I have the black ones and like them a lot. I use them in my closet for a lot of the little things I keep in there and it has made a world, not only in how the closet looks, but also in functionality since I now know where item "x" is! Of course it helps to put the item back in the same location. :)
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    Look to your goal --- likely to make things easier for you to find, would be one goal, I think.
    Another goal, and probably more important, is the goal of actually using whatever you choose as that method for organizing. There's a huge range of materials, finishes, and sizes.
    Get the setup that you like, and then use it. No one here can really help you with that, other than encouraging you to do something about your present storage situation (no drawer should EVER be that empty :D )
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    Just wait till you get older, no matter how organized you thought you were being, you still can't remember where you put anything.:(
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    The trick is to remember that I even picked it up from its habitual location. If I can manage to remember having done that with something, I can often jog my brain to divulge where the thing ended up being used and "set down for a minute". It is pretty amazing where stuff ends up sometimes, especially if it's multipurposed to begin with.

    I find sewing-related gear or even project components all over the house fairly often, and they all belong in the studio. That knowledge doesn't much help me find something in particular when I'm in the studio and realize something is missing.

    At least so far I'm ahead on the issue of car keys, my oldest nephew says. "At least when you find them you still know what they're for."
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    I was visiting a relative some years ago. And while I was reading in the living room, he was frantically running around upstairs, becoming increasingly annoyed and slightly agitated. Finally, after an hour, he comes down and starts tearing apart the living room, cursing up a storm.

    Me: "What are you looking for?"

    Him: "I can't find my damned glasses."

    Me: "Err, did you look around your neck?"

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    If you order a fair amount of stuff off Amazon. I'd just reuse the boxes to organize the drawers. It's free and you get all sorts of sizes. I mention Amazon as Prime items come in several standardized boxes. Rather than a hodge podge of sizes. Most will have decent depth.

    Anyways, avoid the acrylic. It will look horrible after a little while. Acrylic is also brittle.

    All those you listed look very small and shallow. They might be fine for desk drawers but aren't practical for a dresser. I'd be looking at larger and deeper Sterilite or Rubbermaid containers. The 6Qt and 15QT Sterilite are much more practical for dresser drawers.
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    Jul 14, 2015
    My wife got a gaggle of these to use in our Ikea dressers, and they're great. I've followed her lead in organizing and it's a lot nicer than when I was single and just put everything into piles.

    All our containers (not only in the dresser drawers, either) made it a lot easier to move to a different apartment, too.

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