IS it worth waiting for the Dual 1.25 G4?


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Mar 22, 2002
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Allright so the majority of us in here are pretty bummed about the recent PowerMac release. (mostly becuase of DDR issues)

I like
1.the faster system bus
2.the expansion options

Now is it worth waiting 6-8 weeks for the top of the line 1.25 GHz Dual G4 or just picking up the new Dual 1 Ghz G4.

When configured with matching ram and hard drive, you besically pay an extra $500 for the extra 250MHZ and the extra 1MB of L3 cache per processor.

IS this really worth the extra money and wait?

Aren't the new G4s still uing the old 7455 chip which doesnt handle DDR properly and the dual 1.25 GHz is simply overclocked.

Why would apple release an overclocked system? Isn't that dangerous and more likely have issues?

Maybe apple is delaying the shipment becuase they will add in some goodies into it when we learn about seybold and MW Paris is early September


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Jun 25, 2002
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Apple is most likely delaying shipments of the system until there are sufficient quantities of processors which have the quality to be run at 1.25 GHz, rather than 1.00 GHz.

Is it worth the wait? Who can say for you? I waited almost three years before buying a floor model dual G4/800. It's now below the bottom of the line. <cries fake tears> I also paid more than the bottom of the line <cries real tears>

You could always flip a coin. :D
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