Is my hard drive about to kick the bucket? (G5)

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by TheBMill, Aug 17, 2007.

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    I bought a Power PC G5 dual 2.5ghz machine back when it came out a few years ago. Recently I was getting a lot of errors, then finally it would just freeze up and..I'd get a black screen that said "darwin" and I was unable to login to the operating system.

    I assumed that it was because I used a freeware program that deleted files to "clean up" my hard drive and that this program accidentally deleted files I needed.

    So, I reformatted the drive and did a reinstall of the OSX. (the latest one) And while the computer seems to run faster, I still get weird errors. Both safari and firefox quit unexpectedly. And sometimes when I go to install a program, the install won't work.

    For example, I just got Ilife '08 and it gave me a message afterwards saying, "Installation was not successful". And as of now, I can't get it to install.

    What should I do? Is there a program that would help? (Disk warrior? Disc utility?) Is my hard drive slowly dying and I need to get a new one? If so, any you'd guys recommend? (IE. I have this drive as my second video editing drive, perhaps I should just buy another one of them?

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    Also of note: I also just put in 2 1gb sticks of memory...could that have something to do with it?

    There's 4 sticks of 512 and 2 of the new 1gb....different brands too...

    In terms of the disk...

    Diskwarrior says this:

    "• Errors, if any, in the directory structure such as tree depth, header node, map nodes, node size, node counts, node
    links, indexes and more have been repaired.
    • 50 files had a directory entry with an incorrect alias flag that was repaired.
    • 6 files had a directory entry with an incorrect text encoding value that was repaired.
    • 1 folder had a directory entry with an incorrect custom icon flag that was repaired.
    • Incorrect values in the Volume Information were repaired.
    Disk Information:
    Files: 323,916
    Folders: 78,988
    Free Space: 197.85 GB
    Format: Mac OS Extended (Journaled)
    Block Size: 4 K
    Disk Sectors: 489,972,534
    Media: Maxtor 6Y250M0
    Time: 8/17/07 10:32:37 AM
    DiskWarrior Version: 4.0"
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    Aug 15, 2005
    What's the S.M.A.R.T status of the drive? If it's "verified" then it should be alright. If not, then there's a good chance the drive may be failing.

    You might also want to try to repair the drive a couple more times using diskwarrior or Disk Utility just to make sure everything checks out.
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    interesting. I just took out the new memory sticks and it seems to be installing now...ill see if i get any more of those old errors....if not, looks like ill be making a return here...

    thanks so much
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    Well. It definitely was the memory cards. They were 1gb sticks from "G.Skill" Yeah. Never heard of em'. I guess there's a reason why.

    Was thinking of replacing them with crucial brand sticks. But, I'm wondering if my old G5 is having trouble with a stick that large, as the rest are all 512gb? Then again, I have no reason why it shouldn't accept 1gb cards. I'm guessing it's really just the whacky brand I got...

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