Is my new (used) 3GS already jailbroken or unlocked?

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  1. Little-Acorn macrumors newbie

    Feb 8, 2012
    I bought a used 3GS 32GB with no SIM card a few days ago. Without a SIM card of course the phone part doesn't work, but everything else seems to be OK, I think. Took a few pictures with it, they turned out fine; I logged it onto my house's WiFi Hotspot with no problems, the GPS found exactly where I live without my telling it, etc., etc.

    The version is 5.0.1, and Settings also says Modem 06.15.00. First five digits of the serial number are 88928xxxxxx, and the carrier is listed as Carrier 11.0 (I guess that's AT&T?).

    My intention was to jailbreak it and unlock it, then use it as a phone with T-Mobile. Jailbreaking, I'm told lets you put apps other than the Apple-approved ones from iTunes on it, correct? And unlocking lets you use it with carriers other than AT&T, right?

    I don't really know its history, it was advertised with no mention of any unlocking or jailbreaking, only that "everything works". So far it seems true.

    But, leafing through it, I found that Cydia is already installed, and Ultrasnow. Can these apps be gotten from iTunes on a non-jailbroken phone? Or does this mean that this phone is already jailbroken?

    Inquiring minds want to know! :)
  2. normanbates macrumors regular

    Aug 24, 2011
    Cydia and redsn0w are NOT Apple approved apps. If they're on there and are functioning then the phone is most definitely jail broken already.

    Cydia is the jailbreak version of the App store.

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